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"We're proud of our product that not only provides fun, engaging learning for kids - but also protects the world we live in."

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Magic Nuudles are the absolute perfect tool to bring your limitless imagination to life! Simply dab each Magic Nuudle on a damp sponge or paper towel and they will stick together to create fantastic and wonderful sculptures! No glue required. They can stick to paper, glass, mirrors, cloths, wood, etc. The possibilities are literally endless!

Magic Nuudles® are completely safe, 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly educational toys made in the USA from the finest natural cornstarch. They are fun, creative and highly suitable for kids 3 years and up, for craft time and creative development in nurseries and schools, as well as family entertainment, birthday parties, birthday gifts, party packs, school art and craft material etc. Your child will have a memorable birthday making creative works with their friends.

About Magic Nuudles AE

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Magic Nuudles are the revolutionary arts and crafts material made from cornstarch. Magic Nuudles are safe, non-toxic and completely biodegradable and they make their own glue!
Cornstarch is nature's natural glue. Just add a small amount of water using a sponge, or a damp paper towel, and press the Nuudles together.
Other Nuudles, paper, cardboard, windows, your skin, clothes and Magic Paper.
Magic Nuudles are fun, simple and safe. Made in the USA. All ages can enjoy them 3-103.
You should still eat dinner! Magic Nuudles contain no toxic chemicals and are gluten free. They are not food, and therefore it's not recommended that they be eaten. In addition, they do not taste very good! But if you or your child or your pet should accidentally eat one, make sure no one is choking. Then have a glass of water. I find them a bit dry!
Water! When you are finished with your creation, place it in the sink with the water running and it will dissolve away leaving no harmful chemicals. Wipe any surfaces with a damp sponge or wash cloth. And if any Nuudles were used in clothing decoration, remove Nuudles and launder as usual.
As long as you want them to! If kept in a dry location safe from Spot the family dog, your creations will keep giving pleasure indefinitely . When you are finished just place them in the sink and turn the tap on and watch as the Nuudles melt away.
Magic Nuudles are generally considered creation tools with a one time use. However, you can develop any existing creation, and if the Nuudles are not too disfigured, you can use them more than once. Think of them as tools for a craft rather than as toys.